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the mandylion
10 September 2013 @ 05:31 pm
That closes a chapter of my life. :|
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the mandylion
04 February 2013 @ 06:22 pm
Sometimes I'm left wondering if what I'm supposed/expected to do is lie on my applications/resume. The AP says that I shouldn't, but a lot of the time I'm left thinking that's the only option because everyone else does it anyway. Or, at least, everyone I interview at my current job certainly lies on their resumes, whether it's about how well they know a program (You claim to have a BA in Graphic Design and you don't know what it means when a test asks you to create and apply a Character Style in InDesign?) or how much experience they have with a topic (if you don't know how to do p { float: right;} and you claim to know HTML and CSS in and out, I'm not going to hire you). So if all the people I'm interviewing claim they are at Level 5 and are all at Level 1, doesn't it stand to figure that when I legitimately tell people I'm at Level 10, they all turn me down because they assume I, like 95% of their applicants, am lying and am actually at Level 5?

Or maybe it's only for graphic design jobs that pay $12.50/hr in an area where the BLS claims that graphic designers make around $20/hr (shh, I know it says mean and median and I remember enough high school math to know that those are words that make statistics tricky, that's part of why I'm rounding down so much) that 95% of the applicants lie.

At the same time, I'm left wondering if I really am at Level 10. Sure, that's where I am in my current job, but maybe most companies would only consider that a Level 2. Maybe my current job has completely misled me in terms of what to expect from graphic design jobs in publishing! Or maybe all them are like my current one, where you're expected to put in 110% every day for $10 less than what the BLS says you should be earning. Maybe most graphic designers live with their parents, hoping to someday break into the big leagues and make enough to actually afford to live within a reasonable commuting distance from their work. Or maybe they just get married to people who make ten times as much as they do and don't care about their income because they love their work so much. Maybe they all drive BMWs, just like the exorbitantly over-paid teachers at my high school did (oh, wait).

Though, seriously, if I wanted to be underpaid for my level of education, overworked for what I receive in compensation, and underappreciated for the work I do, I would have gotten a teaching credential. (But then I wouldn't have a job at all because I'd still be waiting for the babyboomers to retire...)

None of which even addresses the fact that apparently there is a whole set of rules that I was supposed to learn somewhere between ages 12 and 20 but missed. These rules cover things like, "If you ever get stuck in any sort of managerial position, write down every complaint you have about your subordinates and notify your supervisors about these complaints on a regular basis so that when your minions start complaining about you being pissy that they're not doing their work, you don't get in trouble because your boss is worried the minions will sue." Also, "When your mother complains about you not having a social life in college, and worries because you don't go on dates and have never had a steady boyfriend, what she's really saying is that you need to make connections to your classmates and professors so that they'll give you jobs in the future, she's not actually worried that you're depressed and upset with your life, despite that being what she claims."

Well, if nothing else, what I have learned is that the best managers are incredibly patronizing and talk in a calm, "soothing" voice while smiling (smirking) slightly the entire time and acting like they're just better than you over all. And that the only way I'll ever have any chance of ever getting anyone at my work to fear me is if I can legitimately accuse someone of sexual harassment, because no one's ever going to take me seriously otherwise.
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the mandylion
....so, that was weird. One of the smoke alarms was beeping like it had a low battery, so I had to go searching for a stool and/or tall enough to allow me to safely reach it (was right at the top of the stairs, and since upstairs is the computer/family room, of course we only have chairs with wheels up there [and a very rickety stool that is not so safe for climbing on these days, particularly at the top of the stairs). I take out the battery and go test it, just to make sure it's bad. And it tests as excellent. Oh well, I figure it's a thing where the alarm is picky and the battery is just low enough in terms of power to not meet the alarm's ridiculously high standards. I grab the one 9 volt battery in the drawer so I can replace it while I have the step ladder out and ready. As an afterthought, I test it, too (because why put in a new battery if it also doesn't meet the alarm's high standards?). And it tests as completely dead. No signs of life. Zip. Nada. At first I think I've accidentally switched the batteries in my process of testing one and the other and getting out a new one and all that, but they're two different brands and look completely different and I distinctly remember which one I took out of where. SO WEIRD.

I put post-its on each of them explaining their respective statuses (where it's from, what it tests at), arranged them artfully on the table with the tester and an additional note of, "SO CONFUSED." APUs can deal with it when they get home from Pisgah.

Though I have to admit that at the moment I'm equally confused by the fact that we apparently have three smoke alarms within what's pretty much a 10x10x10 foot area in the new part of the house, including one right at the base of the steps, when there isn't actually any sort of door or other barrier (excluding said steps) between upstairs and the hallway down below.

...man, I miss making completely random updates of randomness. I should try and get back in the habit of doing those. Ah, life. Stop being so crazy that I forget to ramble pointlessly on the internet!
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02 February 2012 @ 05:57 pm
I'm pretty sure that tomorrow's the day I tell my supervisor just how close I am to quitting. I thought I could stick out the last four months while I finished my certifcate, but it's becoming increasingly clear that I am not going to be able to handle the stress of doing the work of 2½ people for wages that amount to about ⅓ of what I should be getting for the quality, quantity, and type of work I do.

I like having health insurance and a steady income, but I can also get COBRA. And peace of mind.
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the mandylion
19 December 2011 @ 07:04 pm
World Domination Status: DISCONTINUED. :O Oooooooo~

I was getting ready to email this to Jean, since I promised I would, but then I remembered that I'm trying to get back into the habit of using this journal, so instead I will share with everyone!

This is a combination of about four different recipes plus my own tweaks and some suggestions from the APUs (I haven't, for example, tried the apple variation, but that's more because I keep forgetting to). I've modified it to be for pressure cooker, since that's what I use primarily, but you can use a regular pot if you want, just cook your carrots beforehand.

Sweet and Sour Meatballs RecipeCollapse )

It's especially good over rice, though I've also done it over cornmeal mush, and I've added a potato along with the carrot, which was pretty good. I usually use red/orange/yellow peppers when I cook because they're tastier than green ones, but I recommend using at least half of a green bell pepper with this because it really needs the green color to make it pretty. We generally get about 8–10 meals out of the whole recipe, so it's fairly large. BUT SO GOOD.
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30 December 2009 @ 04:07 pm
World Domination Trip Status: Day three

GREETINGS, INTERNET. Yea, this entry is primarily copied from an email I just sent the AP. Tough luck! :D

I have done something exciting and different and on Saturday I boarded a plane and spent 15 hours flying from LA to Sydney. Arrived here on Monday because of silly international dateline, sigh. I am staying with B and her family (who are awesome) until January 14th, and everything is very odd and scary and awesome because I've never flown on a plane or gone out of the country on my own before. Or rented a car. Or driven on the left side of the road (B has to keep reminding me drive on the correct side and keeps telling me various road rules, it is interesting).

Yesterday we went down Grose River, picking up food things on the way, and had a picnic lunch down next to the river while I painted and B waded (and some dog decided to walk across my painting with muddy paws, though I've mostly fixed that—maybe I'll take a picture and share when I next get my pack out of the car—which is red and little and awesome, btw). We came back and went swimming in her pool for a bit and somehow managed to both get sunburned despite putting sunscreen all over and only being in the direct sun for 45 minutes, an hour. (I have red calves, shoulders, and pinkish-red arms, oops).

Today, we went to a Castle Hill, which is a really huge shopping center, and had a good time wandering around and looking at things. I bought some cute stud earrings, mainly because I want to dress up as I am on holiday and I only brought long, dangly earrings with me. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are a bit awkward for doing things because B has to work, so we have to be back by a certain time so she has time to get ready before she has to leave for work (yesterday and today), or she has to work from 3-9 (tomorrow). It's nice, since it gives me some time to just unwind, relax, and enjoy being on vacation.

Friday we're going into Sydney and staying in a hostel there through the 4th, then coming back to Kurrajong. Lots of museums, galleries, botanic gardens, and possibly even the zoo that the VAP kept going on about before I left home! (He visited Sydney over Thanksgiving weekend 40 years ago when he was stationed in Vietnam and has been telling me about his visit since I bought my ticket back in July). On the 10th we're going to Canberra for a few days, staying at another hostel, and possibly going to Bateman's Bay (which I am told is a really, really gorgeous beach) as a day trip while we're there.
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the mandylion
15 December 2009 @ 09:15 am
World Domination Status: I continue to make plans to spread my influence worldwide! Mwahahaha.

Hello, hi, I'm still alive. I have been playing a lot of Sims2 and reading a lot of old posts on bad_rpers_suck for no other reason than that I am sort of itching for a new RP (which I now have! This is belle_bing 's fault).

I'm running scans of old (©1983) books through the OCR software in Acrobat so I can make new versions of books, and then using Word's spelling and grammar checks to do a quick proof of the resulting text. As a result, I now know that while Word has no problem with "Leeuwenhoek" and "Le Corbusier," it does not feel that "Jesus" or "Socrates" are words. WHY?? WELL. I was discussing this with my friend Amanda and I have figured it out:
Amanda: word is weird
Me: Yes.
Me: Also, the devil.
Me: THAT is why it does not like Jesus.
Amanda: mandapandatime: because it's not capitalized?
Me: Because Word is the Devil.
And philosophy just confuses it. Wee!
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the mandylion
04 September 2009 @ 06:39 am
World Domination Status: My immunity will strike you down!

I have awesome dreams just before I wake up sometimes. For example:
Werewolves walk among us they are tall and they take our bodies and flay us alive, then rip off the flesh strip by strip and eat it as a delicacy.

Ancient legend tells us of a way for the chosen prey of the wolves can avoid this. You must wrap yourself in a cloth soaked in witch hazel – they need not be completely covered, however both their ears must be covered. Then you sit in a wicker basket made of hazel bows. The wolves are allowed three tries to attempt to gain access to you in your protective cocoon (the hazel has magical properties which makes it difficult for them to penetrate), in remembrance of the heroine who first used this technique. Two for the first two attempts by the wolves, and a third time for the time that a third wolf attempted, by a god interfered, preventing him. This is how the quarry of a werewolf may escape with their life intact.
No idea if that makes any sense, and I'm still so sleepy I can barely see the computer screen. Yay~
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the mandylion
29 August 2009 @ 10:10 am
World Domination Status: With my culinary expertise, I shall conquer stomachs everywhere! As long as I remember to double check when it says tablespoon and when it says teaspoon...

I could give a status update on what the hell is going on with the brother, but I am not feeling in the mood to be depressed and gnashing my teeth against his idiocy. (The brother: Your logic does not apply here.)

Instead, I will talk about The Time Traveler's Wife, which I have finally read and finished!

Cut for spoilers! Also, me babbling lots.Collapse )

Don't get me wrong, I liked the book! I'm just really surprised that more people don't seem to be pointing out item one (or maybe they are and I'm just not looking hard enough, entirely possible), and that the book never even tries to address item two.
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07 July 2009 @ 09:38 am
World Domination Status: On hold for life crisis.

Haven't updated in six weeks, according to Livejournal. What have I been up to? Well, I'm thinking of dropping out of the library and information science Master's program I'm in, for one thing.

I just. Maybe I'm spoiled after undergrad, but I'm used to having at least one class per term that I'm actually enjoying. And I'm used to feeling like even if I'm not enjoying a class, at least I'm learning something. So far, the only parts I've enjoyed in this program have been doing research for one of my term papers last semester and editing one of the papers for my group this term. Yes, I know. Sad.

It's not that I think I wouldn't enjoy the kind of work I'd be doing if I completed the program and got a job in the field. It's that I feel like I'm forcing out every bit of work, I can't find it in myself to care about the reading, the coursework, any of it. I don't feel like I'm learning anything new – a major component of one of my classes last term was learning how to do a Boolean search. Which is something I learned how to do when I was 14, and have refined to a fine art form in the decade-plus since. On the weekends, I find myself looking forward to Monday, because I really enjoy nearly everything that I'm doing at my work (where I'm currently working as a graphic designer).

Talking to the AP about this, she feels that I should try and finish the program if I can stand it, since I'll be 1/5-1/4 of the way done once I'm done with this term. She also says that sometimes we have to have false starts in order to learn things like this about ourselves, and yes, sometimes those false starts cost us $5,000+.

To that end, I'm taking the day off work tomorrow to go down to Otis (and possibly CalState LA) with the AP and talk to them about their graphic design Master's programs. I'm thinking I might end up doing a certificate program in graphic design at SMC and then trying for a Master's in it, or possibly just saying the heck with it and doing a second bachelor's before tackling grad school again. I mean, between AP Art, the two classes I've had at SMC, and the two I took at UCLA, I've got nearly a year's worth of undergrad intro art classes done, and I already have all my GE requirements taken care of with the first bachelor's. Crucial that I make this decision before Thursday, as that's the last day to pay fall term tuition at SJSU.

Sigh. Sometimes I just wish I hadn't been a stubborn ass in high school and insisted on not going into art afterwards.
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